What can you expect?


How many sessions will it take?

You will usually see results in between 1 and 3 sessions, depending on your dogs condition. 
The initial consultation is for 90 minutes, and includes fact finding, gait and postural analysis, and hands on therapy. Before we can treat your dog, we require a veterinary consent form to verify that massage is suitable for your dog, and to include your vet in the treatment plan. In most circumstances, your vet will complete this form free of charge. 

Download the  vet consent form here...

What happens afterwards?

Following the initial consultation, you can book additional sessions, which are for 60 minutes. You should be aware that following massage therapy, your dog may display some short term symptoms, such as increased thirst or temporary lethargy, this is normal and is a result of the bodies reaction to the healing process. You may have heard this referred to as the 'Healing Crisis', and it is exactly the same reaction that we humans have to deep tissue massage.  

Where is the massage performed?

In order to make your dog as relaxed as possible, we will conduct the therapy in your own home at no additional cost, bringing a massage bed for large dogs and a massage table for small. We have found that this gives the best results as the dog is in a familiar place. You are very welcome to stay with your dog throughout the consultation.